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On the trail of products from Saschiz

Good weather is at the door, holidays and walks are starting and we urge you to pay us a visit to the place where miracles happen - in Saschiz.

Right in the heart of the village, on the left side of the fortified church is our shop full of goodies: from fresh jams, jellies, syrups and pottery, to spices, soaps made in the neighbourhood by friends of ours. A stone's throw away is also the pottery workshop, but we'll be back with a separate article soon.

A few kilometres away, in Viscri at King Charles' House, the Blue House, besides a neat garden, a small museum where you can learn about Transylvanian floriculture, you will also find a shop with products from the surrounding villages. The simply labelled white jars, coloured by the textured fruits and vegetables in them, are our products, which we happily bring to the Blue House for sale.

Saschiz pottery and a hint of chilli jam.

Another partner we have been working with for more than three years is Cărturești. You can find our products both physically in a selection of Cărturești bookshops and online on their website Partnering with them has given us the confidence to grow, especially on the visual side. You'll bump into our gold-labelled jars on the gourmet shelves and our little book with our story on it.

Put the pin in your cross-country journeys to Saschiz and Viscri, and if you don't grab it soon, we're waiting for your orders on the website or pick us up from the shelves in Cărturești.


We're looking for new partners to take our story of taste and traditions further; don't be shy and look us up.

Foto: Georgiana Bratu in Cărturești Modul


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