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Our story

Our products come from agricultural landscapes with High Nature Value (HNV – High Nature Value), from Târnava Mare, an area of Saxon villages in the heart of Transylvania. The HNV landscapes are characterized by a very rich biodiversity, being unique at the European level. By buying these products, you enjoy tasty and natural food, contributing at the same time to the preservation of local cultural identity, to the prosperity of the traditional rural community and to the preservation of nature.


The ADEPT Transilvania Foundation runs an integrated program, establishing connections between biodiversity protection and economic and social benefits, offering these landscapes and communities a better future and relevance for the 21st century, without sacrificing the sustainability and productivity of these lands.


The fruit-vegetable processing unit, SES Fruleco HNV, was created to offer small producers a suitable space, where they can process the raw materials, to obtain products like this one, following traditional recipes.

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